Metabolic Engineering™

WHAT IS Metabolic Engineering™?

The goal of Metabolic Engineering™ is to optimize your internal Resolution Response to increase your immune system’s ability to remove senescent cells and enhance your body’s ability to replace them with new functional cells.

HOW DOES Metabolic Engineering™ WORK?

Your internal Resolution Response is a complex orchestration of diet-controlled hormonal and genetic expression to maintain a dynamic balance of inflammation, resolution, and repair tissue damage caused by injuries including those induced by the diet. The dietary control of this sequence of reducing, resolving, and repairing represent the 3Rs that is the foundation of Metabolic Engineering™.

The first R comes from following the Zone diet. The Zone diet is calorie-restricted anti-inflammatory diet that has been shown to be the most effective way to reduce diet-induced inflammation. The second R is the result of the supplementation of the appropriate levels of omega-3 fatty acids necessary to generate the hormones that resolve inflammation. The third R comes from the adequate intake of polyphenols. Polyphenols activate the genetic master switch of metabolism known as AMPK to repair damaged tissue. When the 3Rs of Senolytic Nutrition are working as a team you are considered to be in the Zone.  

Metabolic Engineering™ is a highly personalized dietary program that is optimized by simple blood tests to get you in the Zone. In the Zone you can start reprogramming your immune system to remove senescent cells and stimulate their replacement with new healthy cells. The result is longer healthspan.


What is the Zone?

The body’s ability to heal from any injury is dependent on being in the Zone. The Zone is not some mystical state, but a real physiological state determined by blood tests that allows you to personalize your diet for optimization of your Resolution Response.

Benefits of Being in the Zone

The health benefits of being in the Zone are numerous.  Here is small listing of those benefits:

Improved hormonal balance: You gain better control of blood glucose, hunger, and inflammation.

AMPK activation: Your overall ability to repair tissue damage increases because AMPK is the master regulator of your metabolism.

Immune efficiency: Your ability to address viral and bacterial invasions is increased because your immuno-metabolism is strongly influenced by increased AMPK activity.

Inflammation: Much of the low-level chronic inflammation in the body is diet-induced and can be reduced by being in the Zone.

Cytokine reduction: Cytokines are inflammatory proteins that cause fatigue and disruption of your metabolism and your immune system.

Fat loss: The burning of excess body fat is increased once you activate AMPK.

Aging: The better the body can heal, the more you slow down the rate of aging.

How do I get into the Zone?

You have to follow Metabolic Engineering™ to first get to the Zone and then keep you there. In the Zone, not only are you able to heal more effectively but also you can begin reprogram your immune system to remove existing senescent cells. The continuing inflammation generated by senescent cells is a primary driving force for developing age-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases, and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Isn't there a drug that can get me into the Zone?

No such drug exists because the systems-based biology of the Resolution Response is too complicated and far too dynamic. However, Metabolic Engineering™ allows you to treat your diet as if it were a drug to maintain the critical dynamic balance of inflammation and resolution that leads to an increased healthspan.

How long do I have to stay in the Zone?

It depends on how long you want to extend your healthspan. It will take about three to six months following Metabolic Engineering™ to get in the Zone as determined by blood markers measured by your physician. However, once you stop following Metabolic Engineering™, it takes only a few weeks to leave the Zone. Once that happens, senescent cells will begin to reaccumulate in your body, and these cells will accelerate the aging process leading to a reduced healthspan.