Everything You Need to Know About Delphinidin Concentrates to help you REPAIR Tissue Damage Caused by Inflammation

WHAT are Polyphenols?

Polyphenols are the chemical found in plants that are responsible for their color. Until recently polyphenols were only considered as anti-oxidants. However, their most significant impact on human health is their ability to activate AMPK, the genetic master switch that controls our metabolism. In particular, activation of AMPK is critical to repair tissue damaged by inflammation. The activation of AMPK is the third and most challenging phase of optimizing your Resolution Response.


It depends on the amount and their bio-availability.  The levels of polyphenols naturally occurring in vegetables and fruits range from 0.1 and 0.2 percent by weight.  You will need at least 1,000 mg of polyphenols per day.  To get those levels,  you need to consume about ten servings of vegetables and fruits per day.  

Furthermore, the vast majority of polyphenols are not water-soluble, so they can not be absorbed into the blood.  It is only those polyphenols that enter the bloodstream that can activate AMPK.  The group of polyphenols with the highest water-solubility that can activate AMPK are called delphinidins.

Why Senotec Delphinidin Concentrates?

A polyphenol can only activate AMPK to repair the damage caused by inflammation if it enters the blood.  Virtually all polyphenols have a limited ability to do.  Senotec Delphinidin concentrates are different.  They are chromatographically purified to enhance their bioavailability. Furthermore, we list the levels of both the total polyphenol and delphinidin content in each capsule when you order from your physician-referred website.  No pharmaceutical company does that, but we do because you and your physician want transparency for the products you use.  


What makes Senotec Delphinidin Concentrates so different?



Delphinidins are found at low levels in natural sources. Therefore they have to be concentrated to activate AMPK. This begins with crude extracts from selected berries rich in delphinidins. These extracts are further refined and concentrated by column chromatography to produce a concentrate with a nearly 30 percent by weight of polyphenols. About 75 percent of those polyphenols are delphinidins. To get the same levels of delphinidins in a single capsule of the Senotec Delphinidin Concentrate, you would have to either consume 200 grams of blueberries, drink 50 glasses of red wine, or consume 4.5 kg of raspberries. Other food sources of rich in polyphenols, such as strawberries or chocolate, contain no delphinidins.



The potency is of little consequence unless the concentrate is pure. This is why we are the only company who purifies our polyphenols by column chromatography. This commitment to excellence is also why we test every lot of our Delphinidin Concentrate and post the results on our website. No other company in the world does that.



Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) status is required for any ingredient in a food. For new food ingredients like Delphinidin concentrates, obtaining GRAS status means the product has undergone rigorous toxicology testing and must be approved by an outside panel of independent experts. This commitment of excellence is why we test every lot of Dephinidin Concentrate and post the results on our website.

Although Senotec products and supplements are non-prescription products, they should be used under your physician’s supervision to optimize your internal Resolution Response. This ideally should start with blood testing by your physician to make the appropriate dietary adjustments in the use of our products to obtain maximum health benefits for yourself.

If your physician is a Senotec Physician, please go to his or her website to order our products. This method of ordering ensures us that they are correctly being used under your physician’s supervision.

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