Metabolic Engineering™

Using Metabolic Engineering™ is as Easy As 1-2-3

The Goal: Getting into the Zone

The goal of Senolytic Nutrition is to optimize your internal Resolution Response to enhance the ability of the immune system to remove senescent cells.  The presence of senescence cells is the driving force for developing many age-related chronic diseases.  Since the Resolution Response is under robust dietary control, you could potentially get into the Zone by consuming the appropriate dietary program.  Unfortunately, we don’t live in such an ideal world.  Senolytic Nutrition was developed to make it easier to retake control of your immune system to eliminate senescent cells and increase your healthspan.

Step 1: Consuming adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids

The first step toward the Zone is to consume sufficient omega-3 fatty acids to help resolve existing diet-induced inflammation.  You will need about three grams of EPA and DHA per day.  The average American consumes about 0.1 grams per day.  Supplementing your diet with four capsules of the Senotec Omega-3 Concentrate will provide those levels.

Step 2. Consume adequate levels of delphinidins

The second step is consuming adequate levels of delphinidins to help activate AMPK, which is necessary to repair tissue damaged by diet-induced inflammation.  There are more than 8,000 polyphenols, but delphinidins are the most powerful for activating AMPK. For example, one capsule of the Senotec Delphinidin Concentrate contains as many delphinidins as 50 glasses of red wine.



Step 3. Reduce your calorie intake by 250 calories per day without hunger or fatigue

The final step for optimizing the Resolution Response is following the anti-inflammatory Zone diet.  The primary requirement for any anti-inflammatory diet is calorie restriction without malnutrition.  The excess consumption of calories at any meal will cause diet-induced inflammation.  Furthermore, consuming fewer calories is critical to maintaining the benefits of any supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids and delphinidins.  Any dietary change is hard.  That’s why we developed Senotec Foods.  The first of these Senotec Foods are the Senotec Meal Replacements.  Replacing one meal per day with Senotec Meal Replacement will reduce your calorie intake by about 250 calories without hunger or fatigue because our unique dietary technology suppresses appetite.  At this level of calorie reduction consistently, significant metabolic effects are seen, including tissue regeneration.  If you increase your calorie restriction to 500 calories per day, the metabolic benefits are more powerful.



Monitoring your progress

The more you follow these simple dietary changes to get into the Zone, the more rapid the results.  Clinical studies have shown that you will have less hunger and fatigue and more energy as you begin to stabilize blood sugar levels within three days.  By seven days, your clothes fit better because you burn excess body fat (especially abdominal fat) by activating AMPK.  By two weeks, your ability to handle stress improves because of better blood sugar control.  By the first month, your blood chemistry is being to improve.  That is your final proof that your physician can show you that you are extending your healthspan.



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