Senotec Food Products

Everything You Need to Know to Help You REDUCE Inflammation


The Zone diet is an anti-inflammatory diet because it restricts calories without creating hunger or fatigue. However time and convenience are always your primary enemy in following any dietary program. Senotec Food products make it easier to achieve the necessary hormonal control that makes the Zone diet so powerful.

Why Senotec Food Products?:

The foundation of Metabolic Engineering™ is the Zone diet.  The Zone diet was developed more than 25 years ago by Dr. Barry Sears, founder of Senotec Labs, to reduce diet-induced inflammation. The key is to do so without hunger or fatigue by controlling the hormonal responses induced at every meal.

We know it is difficult to make any long-term dietary changes. This is why we have developed several unique food products to help you meet that goal with the least effort on your part.  The first of these products are our Senotec Meal Replacement shakes.  These shakes provide an appropriate ratio of protein-to-carbohydrate to generate the correct hormonal balance after their consumption for the next five hours.   The result is lack of hunger.  In addition, each Senotec meal replacement contains defined prebiotics (polyphenols and fiber) for increased satiety.  Coming soon, Senotec replacements for traditional breakfast cereals, rice, and pasta, that allow you to convert virtually any of your favorite meals into Zone meals for increased satiety.  If dietary change isn’t easy, then it won’t happen.  


What makes Senotec meal replacements so different?  First, they are developed to help maintain stable blood sugar levels that are necessary for optimal AMPK activity. This improved blood sugar support is possible through their unique protein-to-carbohydrate ratio supplemented with unique prebiotics.  Second, they have the highest levels of purified polyphenols, including delphinidins, of any meal replacement in the world.  Third, they allow you to make a complete Zone meal in seconds with a resulting four to five hours of hunger suppression. Our Senotec meal replacements contain only GRAS-approved ingredients.

What Makes Senotec Food Products So Unique?



One of the overlooked keys to the diet is the intake of prebiotics.  The general category of prebiotics consists of both fermentable fiber and polyphenols. Both are needed to maintain gut health.  Our fermentable fiber blend provides maximum nutrition to the microbes in the gut without any gastric distress.  In addition, our polyphenol extracts have passed rigorous safety testing to provide the highest concentrations of cacao and maqui polyphenols available in any food product. Finally, each lot of Senotec food products is tested and posted to give you transparency into our products.



Producing polyphenols extracts with high potency must be matched by the safety of the finished products.  This safety is determined by extensive toxicology testing that determines whether they can be safely used in a food product.  If they meet these standards, they can be used in a food product and be legally labeled as food. 



The designation of Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) is required for every ingredient in a food product. For new food ingredients like cacao and maqui polyphenol concentrates, obtaining GRAS status means the product has undergone rigorous toxicology testing. Finally, an outside panel of independent experts must approve the results and set upper limits for their use. If a polyphenol extract doesn’t have GRAS status, it means it doesn’t have supporting toxicology to support its safety.


Although Senotec food products to support the Zone diet are non-prescription products, they should be used under your physician’s supervision to optimize your internal Resolution Response. This ideally should start with blood testing by your physician to make the appropriate dietary adjustments in the use of our products to obtain maximum health benefits for yourself.

If your physician is a Senotec Physician, please go to his or her website to order our products. This method of ordering ensures us that they are correctly being used under your physician’s supervision.

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