What is Healthspan?
The definition of healthspan is your longevity minus years of disability caused by chronic disease. Healthspan is also often referred to as healthy aging. What determines your healthspan is your ability to heal from injuries.
How do you heal from injuries?
Healing is a complex process controlled by your immune system. Injuries ranging from physical injuries to microbial invasions will initiate acute inflammation to address the immediate problem. In this regard, inflammation keeps you alive. However, you can only begin to heal if you can also turn off the same initial inflammation, and then repair the damaged tissue. This complex healing process is orchestrated by many hormonal and genetic factors that are under robust dietary control. This systems-based process is termed as your Resolution Response.
What happens if an injury doesn't heal completely?

The result is the build-up of chronic low-level inflammation. This type of ongoing inflammation is below the perception of pain, so you can’t feel it. As a result, you do nothing about it. However, it causes continuing damage to the affected tissue, leading to the early development of age related chronic disease and a reduced healthspan.

The underlying cause of ongoing inflammation is in the generation of senescent cells. Senescent cells are similar to cancer cells in that they can evade removal by the immune system. Unlike cancer cells, they don’t grow, but they generate new sources of increasing cellular damage. Furthermore, these senescent cells can infect nearby normal cells, turning them into new senescent cells. This cellular chain reaction is why senescent cells are often termed “zombie cells.”

There is robust research that indicates that a growing population of senescent cells are the foundation of age-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease, and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


As you age, your body’s immune system becomes less effective in removing these zombie cells because of a blocked Resolution Response. As a result, these senescent cells begin to accumulate in every organ. This build-up of senescent cells in your body is why age is the best predictor of developing chronic diseases. By appropriate dietary intervention you can optimize your internal Resolution Response start to reprogram your immune system to remove these senescent cells.


The answer is potentially yes if the immune system can remove existing senescent cells. This removal process can only be achieved by optimizing your Resolution Response that results in the activation of AMPK which controls the metabolism of the immune system. The most effective way to optimize your internal Resolution Response is by following Metabolic Engineering™ dietary program.

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